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#1 Gift for valentines Day

Love Lamp

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Material: Polymer + ABS Wood

Light Color: White, Warm white, Yellow (adjustable)

Levitation Height: 15mm-17mm

Brightness: 80-100 Lumens

Moon Lamp Diameter: 6 inches (15cm)

Base Dimension: 6 Inches * 6 Inches. [We can also ship circular base but it may take longer as we are backed up circular base orders]

Package Weight: 1.05 kg / 2.6 lb

Want to take your lover to the moon?

Then this Magnetic Moon Love Lamp will be the perfect enchantment to your home while offering protection to those who dwell under its roof. From centuries, moon is symbol of Love, Happiness and Prosperity.

Whether it's for valentine's day, birthday, anniversary or just because, our Love Lamp makes an amazing gift. Remind them that you appreciate them forever by gifting them this Love Lamp which is a supreme symbol of joywell-being and happiness.


How Does The Moon Lamp Work?

Can i leave them on permanently?

Yes, you can leave it on permanently.

The moon lamp is able to float as long as the Moon Lamp is connected to power, it will keep floating. You can even control whether you want the moon to be lit or not, while it floats.

Can i change the color and spinning speed of moon?

Yes, there are different colors options [White, Warm White, Yellow]. You can change it your liking :)

Also, moon can be slowed or spin as fast as possible
The lack of friction means that one spin can last for hours. If you prefer the lamp to be still then simply put your hand on the moon for it to stop spinning or to slow it down.

Will i get it before Valentines days?

Yes, if you place your order before jan 25.

What does Premium Shipping include?

1. Eco Friendly Shipping: We ship the package in the way to leave the least carbon footprint.

2. Insurance: In case of theft, loss or damage of the package.

3. Lifetime Warranty: For 1 year, we cover any damage to the product

4: Faster Shipping: We bump your order in the queue to ensure the fastest delivery.

I got this for my girl, now she won't leave me alone . What should i do?

Maybe try putting her in rice but idk tho 🤷




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  • 3D Moon

    The design is made to look like the real moon. With the built-in LED light, you can clearly see the craters on the lamp and it floats stably due to the magnets.

  • The Base

    The wooden base is a highly technical masterpiece with a unique design.It is made of resin and a natural material, so the square shape fits the moon perfectly.
    It has a power supply in the back, the magnetic field in the middle of the surface and the power button in the front

  • Science & Magic

    This is where the magic happens. Once you connect the charger to base and plug into power outlet. Our Love Lamp magnet pushes against the electromagnetic base on the surface , causing the moon to float in the air. [Charger is provided in the package]

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